Balkani Wildlife Society


Site conservation

Dragoman marsh and Chepan

One of the most valuable nature territories near Sofia, a uniqie combination of wetlands and karst hills with interesting plant and animal species. As most of the wetlands in Bulgaria the Dragoman marsh was destroyed in the 50s. After the draining activities stopped after 1900 it started recovering and today is one of the most important breeding areas in the region of Sofia. Balkani has been working in the region since 1996.

Iskar, Vit and Osam Rivers

Mapping of the flooded areas along Iskar and Osam Rivers and proposals for sustainable activities for flood prevention.

West Stara Planina

The idea for establishing a trans-border protected zone in West Stara Planina on the border with Yugoslavia was discussed for the first time during the 80-ties. It was considerd again on a bilateral level in 1995-96, when the two governments agreed the etsbalishment of a trans-border park. In 1997 the Yugoslav part of the mountain was designated a protected area. Currently a Regional Environmental Centre project is under way for the designation of Belogradchishki Rocks Nature Park. The proposed territory covers a smaller area than the idea for a West Stara Planina Nature Park idea, but it is a good beginning for the conservation of natural and cultural heritage of the area. The Society is partnering the Centre for Environmental Information and Education, which is implementing a project aimed at sustainable tourism in the area.


Balkani Wildlife Society carrid out a feasibility study on the opportunities for sustainable livelihoods in the Rhodope region as part of the process of developing a regional nature conservation project of UNDP under the GEF (Global Environment Facility) Mountain Ecosystems operational program titled Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity in the Landscape of Bulgaria's Rhodope Mountains. The study is titled "People`s Livelihoods and Landscape-scale Biodiversity Conservation: How to make them complementary". The feasibility study was carried out in the period January - July 2002 by a team of 16 experts.

Stoudenets Nature Park

In 2001 a proposal for establishment of a new nature park covering the canyons of the Vit Rriver and its tributaries was developed. The park is situated south of Pleven and was named after the beautiful "Studenets" area. Students area includes a karst gorge of the Vit River, in the center of the proposed park's territory, covering an area of 18 900 ha.

Photo exhibition “Parks in Bulgaria”

A travelling exhibition titled "Parks in Bulgaria" was created in 2002 with the financial support of the Bulgarian-Swiss Biodiversity Conservation Programme and the Vitosha Nature Park Directorate. It was placed at the disposal the National Park Information Centre free of charge. 15 Boards, sized 70 x 100 cm present more than 200 high quality nature photographs from the 12 Nature and National Parks existing per the mid 2002, together with comprehensive information in English and Bulgarian. 
The aim of the exhibition is to promote the idea of protected areas conservation and their biodiversity.