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Feeling nostalgic – a year ago we sent Medo and Buya away

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It’s been a whole year since Medo and Buya are not with us … We miss them! The children who visit our Large Carnivore Education Centre in the village of Vlahi are also missing them! But we know that our decision to move them to a new, even better home was the right one! Let us tell you the story of Buya and Medo.

Effects from the fire in Dragoman Marsh and next steps

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Пожарът съвпада с рекордно сухата зима. Липсата на вода и на растителност означава, че тази година множеството видове птици, които мигрират по пътя Via Aristotelis няма да имат място за почивка и храна. А за гнездене и създаване на поколение при липса на вода не може да става и дума.

Затова най-важното сега е в следващите два месеца да завалят дъждове и да се увеличи количеството на вода в блатото.

Наличието на повече вода в комбинация със запазените тук-там островчета растителност и израстването на новата тръстика означава, че част от мигриращите птици ще имат възможност да загнездят в района.

The sad story of Vacho, a wolf with a GPS collar

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We present you the wolf Vacho and his story that didn’t end with happily ever after…. Vacho is a young male wolf, that was caught by the team of BALKANI Wildlife Society in the end of October 2017. The biologists caught him in Souther Rila mountain and put him a GPS collar,

Six rules to avoid accidents with a bear

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Original article published in www.dnevnik.bg in bulgarian After a bear attacked a tourist in Stara Planina (Balkan Mountain) last week we take the opportunity to remind you how to avoid dangerous encounters with wildlife and how to behave if you come across a bear in the woods. Certain behaviour can get you off with a