Balkani Wildlife Society



Information on this species in Bulgaria is very scarce. Lynx existence in Bulgaria has been registered for the first time in 1862. It is thought to be completely extinct in 1941.

Since then until 1999 there are periodic reports for observed individuals or traces of their activity in various regions. Information usually comes from local people, but evidence is missing. 
It was only in the winter of 2002/2003 that a team of BALKANI Wildlife Society registered lynx tracks in Mid West Bulgaria. It is now certain that the species is returning to the country, but additional, detailed and long-term research is needed.

Balkani’s project for collecting and analysis of lynx hair samples and study of the species was in 2008. The species presence was proven in Western Stara planina based on hair DNA analysis (90% certainty).

The lynx existence was irrefutably proven when foto-trap pictures of 2 individuals were taken in Osogovo mountain in 2008 and 2009.