Balkani Wildlife Society


Balkan chamois

Balkan chamois is a listed in Annexes II of Directive 92/43 of EU and Annex III of Bern Convention. Balkan chamois is included in Bulgarian Red Data Book as endangered species.

The purposes of the project “Conservation of Balkan chamois and restoration of the species in Vitosha nature park{“ are conservation and stabilizing of Balkan Chamois by creating additional subpopulation. Its aims are research on species biology, possibilities for its conservation and gain public for the cause of conservation of Balkan chamois and support to other endangered populations with animals reproduced in Vitosha.

Chamois from the West Rhodope Mountains will be transported to a breeding enclosure built in territory of Vitosha Nature Park. The animals will be kept in captivity in order to reduce the kids’ mortality rate and to increase the possibilities of forming the herd (herds) from animals that were brought from different places. After that the herd will be released in the territory of Vitosha Nature Park.

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