Balkani Wildlife Society


Large carnivore education program

In 1999 the team started education activities in schools. Initially this included slide-shows, accompanied with lectures, as well as a travelling photo-exhibition. In the beginning of 2000 a working study book for pupils from IV and V grade was produced. During the 2000/2001 school year an education program was conducted in 60 schools in West Bulgaria. 5000 pupils from IV and V grade worked on the study books. For the older pupils from VI, VII and VIII grade slide-shows were prepared. Altogether 8000 pupils were included in the program. During the 2002/2003 school year, 45 schools from West Bulgaria were included. The 2000/2001 program covered a total number of 8000 pupils. Then a working study book for II and III grade was also produced. Exhibitions with their works was set, and the best ones received presents. In order to exercise the knowledge of the children the crew carried out outdoor practices. Within this program the day of the large carnivores was celebrated on 7th June 2003. The holiday was organised with the kind assistance of the Sofia Zoo and the Ecological educational center. A number of education materials were printed. They were aimed at raising public awareness on the problems related to large carnivores conservation in Bulgaria.