Balkani Wildlife Society


Wetlands program

The necessity for out-of-school environmental practice bred the idea for establishing the Wetlands conservation educational centre “Dragoman marsh”. Due to the lack of awareness of these nature territories and the low support for their wise and sustainable use, today they are still being destroyed. Education activities are the long-term solution for the lack of responsible attitude of society to the environment. Participation of young people and locals in conservation of these valuable territories is one of the main goals of Balkani Wildlife Society.

Education trips for students

In recent years BALKANI Wildlife Society has realized several projects for creating infrastructure and facilities for outdoor education classes. The Wetlands Conservation Centre “Dragoman marsh” has already opened and visitors could learn more about the flora and fauna species in the area. Specialists from the Methodical Department in the Faculty of Biology, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” have developed a model for one-day trip for school students to the Dragoman marsh and Chepan. This scientific work was tested in 2009 with help of Traventuria Ltd. The aim of this work is to reveal the richness of the biodiversity in the karst area by a short movie, presentation, games and practical exercises. Additionally scills for working with binoculars, guides and scopes are developed. The main focus of the trip is raising the participants awareness of problems and solutions in wetlands conservation and in particular the Dragoman marsh.

Education for students from Dragoman

Balkani Wildlife society is organizing Club in Ecology and Environmental protection for 5, 6, and 7 grade students from Hristo Botev Scool in Dragoman. The Club was open in October 2nd 2009 with show of the movie “The Live marsh” and presentataion of the planned activities and topics:

  • Lections and presentations for the importance of wetlands and their conservation
  • The inhabitants of the Dragoman marsh and the karst mountain Chepan
  • Skills for working with binoculars, guides and scopes
  • Participation of the students in conservation activities organized by Balkani – afforestation with local tree species, building bird boxes, bird-ringing, bird-monitoring etc.

We are grateful to the Master and the teachers of the School “Hr. Botev” and to the Municipality of Dragoman for their support and cooperation in realization of the club activities.