Balkani Wildlife Society



A brief history

A group of young people – high school and university students found Green Balkans – Sofia Society in 1992. They initiated a petition against the inappropriate management of the Sofia Zoo, as a result of which the management was changed. Another campaign followed – against the use of poison against wolves, which causes poisoning of many species of birds and other animals. After a month and a half long protests the poison use was banned. This was the second successful campaign of the Society. 
A number of activities followed:

  • Participation in the development of a National Biodiversity Strategy (1993 – 1994)
  • Conservation of species:
    • Implementing an Action Plan for the Protection of Bats
    • A project for construction of storks nests in the Pleven region
    • Mid-winter counts of water-connected birds in Sofia
  • Wetlands conservation:
    • Conservation of ecosystems along the Iskar, Vit and Osam Rivers
  • Work in natural areas
  • Development of a management Plan for Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park

and many others, the more recent of them can be viewed in the Activities section of this web site. Today the active participants in these activities are experts in their field. Two of the Society members have been elected by the environmental NGOs as their representatives in governmental bodies – The High Expert Ecological Council at the Minist ry of Environment and Water (Andrey Kovatchev) and the Council on Hunting at the National Forestry Board, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (Elena Tsingarska). The members of the Society apply their knowledge on specific conservation projects, as well as public activities like: contribution to the preparation of nature conservation legislation, supporting community groups for solving local environmental problems, participation in campaigns together with similar organisations in the country on environmental issues etc.

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