Balkani Wildlife Society


Wetlands Conservation Centre “Dragoman marsh”

The Wetlands Conservation Centre “Dragoman Marsh” is a fully functional visitor and educational centre situated in the town of Dragoman, only 40 km west of Sofia and a walking distance from the unique Dragoman marsh and Chepan Mountain. The building has a parking, souvenir corner, spacey conference (film) hall for 40 persons, a unique wetland exhibition and WC facilities. Naturally your trip to the beautiful surrounding area should start from there – you can purchase a brochure, received advices to where to trek, birdwatch, eat or take photos and for those who are unprepared, there are binoculars and scoping tubes for rent. If you have more time then you can start the exploration by watching a short documentary on the wetland, which will “shape up” your expectations.

Recently BALKANI Wildlife Society joined by Traventuria Ltd. has elaborated a full day education program for students. The main aim of the program is through different exciting activities to establish a lifeline between the nowadays “electronic” generation and nature.  The results have not been delayed as over 500 kids visited the Center this spring and already the schedule is getting full for the beginning of 2010-2011 school year.