Balkani Wildlife Society



Our office is located in Sofia and 3 centres are established in the country by the Society

  • Wetlands Conservation centre “Dragoman marsh” — town of Dragoman
  • Large Carnivore Education Centre — village of Vlahi, West Pirin
  • Testudo Breeding Centre — Dragoman

Wetlands Conservation centre “Dragoman marsh”

The centre is located in the town of Dragoman about 2 km from the marsh. After two years of work by volunteers and supporters of Balkani, the old building of the community centre is now restored and welcomed the first group of students. Reconstruction work and equipment of the centre are provided within Balkan WS projects supported by the GEF Small Grants Programme, the EEA Grants and the Royal Netherlands Embassy. This is the first interactive centre in Bulgaria designed for meetings and training sessions on nature conservation and wetlands, intended for children of all ages.
 The Wetlands Conservation Centre (the library building) is located on the crossroad to the village Golemo Malovo. (link)

Large Carnivore Education centre

Тhe team working on the research and protection of the wolf in Bulgaria has been working on education for years. The realization of the idea of an educational centre for large carnivores is a major step in this process. The centre was built in Vlahi village at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. It is conceived as a platform for conducting educational activities for nature as a whole, although the focus is on large carnivores in Bulgaria and abroad. The exhibition halls are equipped with interactive materials with rich information. A hall with 50 seats and projection equipment for meetings allows for practical work and seminars, workshops and more. The centre is realized within Darwin Initiative, Anglian Wolf Society, DBU, EURONATUR. Our partners are Education4Conservation and ENEA. Anyone who loves nature can visit us and learn interesting things about the lives of carnivores is welcome at the Large Carnivores centre Vlahi. (link)

Testudo Breeding Centre in Dragoman

As result of human activity, the populations of the Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni) living in the vicinity of Dragoman, north side of Chepan mountain and the border with Serbia (Dragoman-Kalotina-region) are not viable. The purpose of establishing the centre is to enhance the local population of the species after reaching a genetically stable colony in controlled conditions.
The Centre is funded by Naturegio programme (link).

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